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OLL Men's Club

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Second Monday of Each Month at 6:30 PM
Fellowship Begins at 6:00 PM

In the Family Life Center

All men of the parish are invited to enjoy fellowship, great food and drink, and also learn more about the Men’s Club.


The Men’s Club ministry is a vital parish group of over 100 men of all ages who steward, assist, and support various activities and projects throughout the year that promote fellowship among the men of the parish while working together as a team to serve the needs of the parish family, especially our youth.

We are involved with a wide range of items providing something for everyone’s unique interests and talents; from running a golf tournament fund raiser for scholarships to hosting dinners and social events. Please see the sample list below. We also assist with various parish requests and campus facility projects. And, for whatever we’re involved
with, we always have a good time while making positive contributions to many worthy causes.


We realize that many of you work and/or have other commitments. All we ask is that you consider attending at least one dinner meeting per year and participating in at least one of our activities or projects. You should be able to fit this into your schedule and you will find it both rewarding and enjoyable.

To RSVP or if you have any questions, please email or call Club President, Mark Desrosiers (610-745-9239); Vice President, Jeff Pawlak (412-780-7825); Secretary, Tom Selestok (302-367-4146); or Treasurer, Mike Motta (839-900-1178). 

We hope you will join us for fellowship and camaraderie! “Walk-ins” are also welcome.

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NOTE: Men’s Club Dinner Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Family Life Center with fellowship starting at 6:00 pm.  They cover the topics below, spiritual guidance, health & welfare, requests, some guest speakers and social activities.  “Walk-ins” are always welcome.



  • Men’s Club Memorial Presentation in remembrance of members who passed last year (at Men’s Club Meeting)

  • Hospitality after 10:30 Mass (every other 3rd Sunday)



  • Men’s Club Past Presidents’ Appreciation Dinner (at Men’s Club Meeting)

  • Scholarship Committee (this year’s process starts for May)

  • St. Valentine’s Dinner Dance



  • St. Patrick’s Dinner (Church function)

  • Lenten Black Books (for the Parish)             Lenten Supper

  • Men’s Club Fishing Tournament Committee Preparation (for June)



  • Yard Sale Preparation (with OLL Women’s Club for June)

  • OLL/Chapin Community Service Day



  • Scholarships Awarded (at Men’s Club Meeting)

  • Mother’s Day Carnation Hand Out (after all Masses)


JUNE (In Lieu of Regular Meeting, Members Help with Yard Sale Preparation)

  • Men’s Club Fishing Tournament and Lunch (donated fish goes to Fish Fry in September)

  • Yard Sale [Major Fundraiser] (with Women’s Club)


JULY (No Men’s Club Meeting)

  • Men’s Club Scholarship Open Golf Tournament Committee Preparation Kick-Off Meeting



  • Back To School Breakfast/Brunch (Church function)

  • Installation of Officers, if needed (at Men’s Club Meeting)

  • Men’s Club Membership Drive Preparation (for September)

  • Men’s Club Scholarship Open Golf Tournament Committee Preparation (for October)



  • Men’s Club Fish Fry and New Members Meeting



  • Men’s Club Scholarship Open Golf Tournament [Major Fundraiser]

      (for 3 scholarships of $3,000 each plus 1 with an anonymous donor)

  • Pumpkin Patch Sale (with Boy Scouts)

  • Parish All Saints Festival



  • Thanksgiving Turkeys Cooking (for the HUB)



  • Christmas Family Dinner (Church function)

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